Which Skybags Backpack Should You Pick As Per Your Personality?

Which Skybags Backpack Should You Pick As Per Your Personality?

When it comes to picking the perfect backpack, it’s almost like picking a companion. It’s going to be with you for a long time, through the highs & lows and let’s admit it, it will always have your back (pun intended). Just like they say, you attract your allies based on who you are, we believe that you should have the choice to pick your backpack bags as per the person that you are. To make this easier, we have rounded up five strong personalities that are most commonly observed around us and the best backpacks for them. Let’s get started:

    • The OG Gangsta
      Consider yourself to be as cheeky as one of Marvel’s favourite superheroes? The Deadpool backpack is the bag of your dreams? It’s for those who are never afraid to bring their A-game no matter what. With three spacious main compartments and an electronic pouch in one of them, this one can easily pass off as an extremely functional multi-purpose backpack.

    • An Aspiring Artist
      The Brat (E) backpack is perfect to bring out your creative side. Go berserk with your creative thoughts and let your gorgeous strokes do the talking. Don’t hold back your wild and artistic thoughts. A backpack that supports and holds all the equipment you need to flaunt your vision and originality, get your hands on this backpack online. 

    • The Cool Guy
      Cool as a cucumber and on point with the latest trends, this is what defines a cool guy who doesn’t give two hoots about what others think. The Skater backpack aligns flawlessly with this enviable attitude. So, plug in your earphones, put on those sunnies, wear the Skater backpack, and get ready to take on the world with your uber cool personality. 

    • The OMG Popular Persona
      The ones who aren’t afraid to reach for the stars and are popular for their uninhibited attitude, the Astro backpack is here to support you through the highs and the lows. With built to last straps and three main compartments, you can pick a blue or a pink Astro backpack, as per the shade of your choice. 

    • Intel Incognito
      Those who believe in making it big silently while the world is looking elsewhere, these are the ones you should be afraid of. A tech ninja who loves to do everything without making too much noise about it, the world should stay aware of their next moves. The Teckie backpack with its classic black and neon green zipper comes with a rain cover, an organizer with a key holder and boasts of three spacious compartments that can easily hold all the armour you need in your arsenal.

From men’s backpacks to backpacks for women, there is something for everyone at Skybags. Explore the wide range of bags for the outdoors, for professional use and for school & college. Move in style with backpacks that resonate your personality and grab eyeballs everywhere you go. 

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