Top 5 Best Backpacks for Hiking | Skybags

Top 5 Best Backpacks for Hiking | Skybags

From wandering through a primitive rainforest to simply strolling around your local park, hiking for us is nature’s therapy. It rejuvenates our soul and lightens up our heart. And now with monsoon approaching even hiking along your everyday path seems to be much more satisfying and calming. Such is the beauty of it, hiking the same path can have different meanings in different settings and weathers. Whether you are hiking for a day or trekking in the wild environment, it is a truly rewarding experience.

But hiking does bring with it a set of challenges that can be easily overcome if you prepare better. After all, it is a task that requires planning and using the best hiking or trekking gear you can get. A perfect rucksack will pave way for an ideal trekking experience.

Here are our top 5 backpacks for hiking that we think will help make your experience an enjoyable one. Pick your favourite one now and go take a hike!

Rugged and stylish backpack that comes with a rain cover. An ergonomic design makes this backpack readily accessible and easy to use.

Backpacks for Trekking

17-inch laptop compatibility and a host of other functional features makes this backpack an ideal choice for college teens and first jobbers. Made for peeps who slog through the week and live for the weekends.

Weekender Blue -  Hiking bags
  • Hector

Spacious enough to hold everything you want. So next time when your “committed maximalist” friend, who packs everything, complains of not finding enough space, you know what to do.

Skybags for travel

Don’t you love it when things are flexible? Just like when Tripod makes life easier with its Flexifit straps and accommodates all body types. So, don’t worry wake up the adventure enthusiast in you and leave everything else to our Tripod.

Red Tripod backpack

Has a detachable daypack in the front. What else do you need for hiking? It has got your front as well as your back.

Day Backpack for Hiking


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