New Year, Same Me? Move In Style With Skybags

New Year, Same Me? Move In Style With Skybags

Kickstarting a new year is synonymous to hope, enthusiasm and a strong belief of changing things for the better. Every year, January begins with us noting down our thoughts in a journal, hoping to maintain this habit through the year. As we begin 2022 with gratitude and goal setting, we are here to tell you that in case you still haven’t set your resolutions, we have you covered. And while we are at it, we also want to make sure this year is a little different than others. This year we decided that to keep up the motivation through 2022, right up until December, we should slay those resolutions in style. So, we listed down 5 Skybags backpack bags – from laptop bags to stylish college backpacks that will align with your goals.

    • Spend more time with your siblings:
      While we get busy in our daily hustle, we often forget how important it is to play around and just be in the moment with the little munchkin running around all day. Their innocence can quickly lighten your mood and acts as the perfect stressbuster.

    • Let’s vow not to procrastinate the projects & assignments submissions:
      Whether online or offline, college life is a phase that will always remain special. As we approach a new year, why not get college submissions out of our way so we can enjoy our newfound freedom with our friends without feeling guilty? Instead of those last-minute submissions that often turn into mishaps, let’s just aim at submitting some great work on time. 

    • Challenge yourself by stepping into the unknown:
      Remember that trek that you have been afraid to go to because it’s too difficult or that hike that you have always planned to go for but never found the time? Now is the time to conquer your dreams. It’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone. You may just find a hobby/passion that you weren’t even aware of.

    • Get your daily dose of nature:
      The pandemic has taught us the importance of being close to nature and the value of bringing nature indoors. Being surrounded by plants helps keep your calm and can create a vibe that will help you find a balance between your work breaks. So, try your hands at being one amongst nature and get your dose of daily greenery at home.

    • Learn to say no and gift yourself for the work that you have done:
      Taking the extra work on yourself just to please your boss or just can’t say no to your colleague because you can’t dare be in their bad books? Well, this year is going to be different. It’s time to say no to things that don’t matter and that are only going to add stress and drama. Instead, learn to appreciate yourself. Gift yourself a smart laptop backpack that will not only let you move in style but also tick all your functional needs.

  • Start writing a journal:
    Everybody’s talking about it but have you tried your hands on it? Some of the world’s most successful people swear by this habit. Begin or end your day with journaling. It can be just a small affirmation or an essay. This will help you unwind and understand your goals better.

The new year should not scare you but instead it should act as a blank slate where you can write the story for yourself. From conquering your fears to finding love in the small things, let’s hope 2022 has a lot of happiness, luck and good health in store for us.

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