How to wear a Face Shield | Skybags

How to wear a Face Shield | Skybags

How to wear a Face Shield | Skybags

Of all the protective gears out there, the Face Shield is one of the most effective safety equipment that an individual can possess. It provides comprehensive full-face protection that covers your eyes, nose and mouth.

A group of Physicians from the University of Iowa said that Face Shields which can be quickly and affordably produced and distributed, should be included as part of strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting.

With our Skybags Face Shield, the added advantage is that you get a whole new set of features that a mask or other Face Shields may not be able to provide. Those features are:

  • Comprehensive coverage / Full face protection
  • Splatter proof
  • Comfortable for full day use
  • Can be worn over spectacles
  • Washable and replaceable shield
  • Fits all: Adults
  • UV protection material on shield
  • Recyclable and Non-carcinogenic material
When all these features come together with the Face Shield, you are sure to enjoy a hassle-free day.

Moreover, the Skybags Face Shield is easy to use. The following steps demonstrate how to wear the Skybags Face Shield:

Step 1: Pull open the connector on both sides of the spectacles. Don’t forget to peel the scratch protection films from both sides of the Face Shield before using it.

Step 2: Press the connector to attach the spectacle arm with the Face Shield.

Step 3: After connecting the Face Shield with the connector and spectacle arm, wear it like spectacles.

The Skybags Face Shield can be used multiple times. This stems from the fact that the Skybags Face Shield is easy to clean and easy to maintain. The following steps demonstrate how easily one can wash the Skybags Face Shield and use it multiple times:

Step 1: Spray a surface cleaner or a mild soap and water solution on the Face Shield. Note that the solution should be water-based only. No other aggressive cleaning solution can be used for cleaning. Do not boil to sterilize.

Step2: Wipe out the soap solution gently off the Face Shield with a soft towel or soft tissue paper.

Step 3: Do not use abrasive / hard material for wiping the soap solution off the Face Shield. Do not use scrubbers or brushes for cleaning.

Step 4: Wipe the Face Shield in an up and down motion and not in a zigzag direction.

A comprehensive protection is the need of the hour. And the best that an individual can get is through an optimised usage of sanitizers, masks, and of course the Skybags Face Shield. Step out with confidence and have a smooth, hassle-free day no matter where you are. The Skybags Face Shield will be your safety companion you have always wished.

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