How to Pack a Backpack? ft. Skybags

How to Pack a Backpack? ft. Skybags

When it comes to packing for a trip or simply packing for your daily class, have you ever given a thought to packing your backpack the right way? If you are someone who’s been occasionally stressed out about the number of things you pile on into your backpack, you’re not the only one. Most of us just dump things into the backpack and then later on spend a good 5 minutes rummaging around to find what they need.

Packing a backpack is different from organizing your suitcase for a vacation or a trip. While choosing the perfect backpack is extremely essential to begin with, packing it without wasting space or ensuring that you have quick access to most things is crucial.

So, we decided to give you 4 quick how to pack your backpack tips.

  • Start with the Essentials

The best way to minimise effort when unpacking is to take stock of what you’re carrying around, either for the trip, a hike or simply to class. Start packing the less important items at the bottom and layer it with frequently used items. This will ensure you don’t waste time hunting for essentials which can be found easily, right at the top. At such times, having special compartments such as a backpack with a bottle holder or simply one that has multiple compartments is a good choice. Roll your clothes so that there is optimisation of space.

  • Keep an Eye on the Weight

Yes, keeping an eye on the weight of your backpack is crucial and balance is key. Make sure you pack the heavy items close to your body and midway up your back. This reduces the pull on your shoulders. A backpack with shoulder straps works better in easing the load. Streamlining your backpack will lead to reducing the weight.

Avoid packing unwanted items and steer clear of heavy objects that are non-essentials. And if you’re wondering how to pack a travel backpack without lugging around half your world, we have a quick tip. Make a list of things you need and then strike off 40 percent of it; that’s all you need to carry.

  • Pack Yourself a Rain Cover

An important addition to packing a backpack perfectly, is to ensure that you have packed a cover for your backpack. You don’t want your backpack soaking because you simply forgot to pack one! Backpacks with rain covers are commonly available, like our Hector Laptop Backpack and are water resistant as well.

  • Pack efficiently

Unpacking is a pain for most of us and that is because most of us do not think about our packing style. Packing your backpack efficiently not only saves space, but also helps you unpack better. There are a few ways you can do this.

Let’s start with the bottom of your backpack. Start with packing the lightest items at the bottom, heavy ones in the middle, and medium ones at the top. This will help your back survive another day. Instead of folding your clothes, roll pack them. Shirts into long cylindrical shapes while socks into small bundles will save more space. Make use of inner pockets and zips to store toiletries and other electronic items, depending on how you plan to use them. Use dry bags to pack wet clothes to keep the moisture inside instead of outside. You can use packing cubes that are easily available online. They help you compartmentalize and hence pack better.

We hope this helps you re-evaluate your packing style. Let us know how if you have any suggestions for our next blog and make sure you share this with your friends. Especially, that friend who overpacks for a vacation, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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