Hack for Travel Photographers

Hack for Travel Photographers

 "Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow."

 — Imogen Cunningham

It's 2021 and getting Instafamous is officially a thing. Expressing the creative side on the 'gram has become a passion for everyone. It's why every photograph you upload should be on another level. These are the rules, and we're here for it. Proper lighting, editing, adding the right amount of tint, following an aesthetic, etc. matters a lot. That's why we've got some cool photography hacks for you to up your game.

Natural lighting FTW

 Angles are everything.

Clicking a picture from a different perspective is a must. Drop the typical straight camera position. Remember, different angles tell a different story. Express your subject in the best way possible.

Grid + your skill = Perfection.

The beauty of a photograph lies in capturing strong scenes. Perfect compositions and proper alignment of elements make your photographs premium and strong. Find a unique element to highlight and get your perfect click.


Make colours, patterns, shapes and lines your BFFs!

Your most precious gear is your eyes. Be on the lookout for an interesting spot with fun, quirky and colourful elements. This trick grabs everyone's attention.


Prop it up!

 Props either create a vibe or give you the desired effect if used right. Accessorize your photographs and add character to your setting. Play with unexpected objects and achieve interesting and deep pictures.


So, grab your camera and go wild. Have fun with these hacks and be a pro. Tag us with your creations on our Instagram.

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