5 Types of Laptop Bags For Short Travel

5 Types of Laptop Bags For Short Travel

With remote working and work-from-home becoming the new normal, it is necessary for us to carry our laptops almost everywhere we go. For those who love being on-the-go and are ready to take on the world, Skybags allows you to embrace your passion of traveling as well as allows you to carry your laptop with ease. All you need is the determination to do both these things gracefully and without any qualms. Skybags’ laptop bags offer the convenience of carrying your laptop and accessories with you while you are exploring one city after another. Whether it is a backpack for short travel or an overnighter backpack, there are different types of laptop bags available here for you to pick from. Here are 5 best laptop bags that you should consider adding to your cart right away:

At Skybags, you can find different varieties of laptop backpacks: professional, college and overnighter backpacks with laptop compartments. Below are some of out bestsellers:

YOLO Laptop Backpack

Ideal for a working professional who must travel long hours, this Yolo Laptop Backpack is cool, stylish and easy-to-carry laptop backpack is made of premium dobby material. With 2 spacious compartments and a bottle holder on each side, you can use this bag daily. A smart sleeve attached to the back of the bag lets you comfortably place the bag on a trolley when you are traveling. 

Protekt 02 Laptop Backpack

A tall, spacious, and extremely stylish overnighter bag, this Protekhyt 02 Laptop backpack boasts of a separate laptop compartment that keeps your device safe. With 3 compartments and a rain cover, it is convenient and super light to wear. This backpack is made to fit all body sizes and has a snug and cool fit.

Vivid 2 LP Backpack

Why settle for a boring black when you can add some colour to your laptop backpack? The Vivid 2 LP Backpack will ensure you add some vibrancy with the stylish front zipper and its functional design. With a fabric bottle holder on each side and two spacious compartments, this bag is meant for those who love being on their toes no matter what. 

Beatle Pro Laptop Backpack

Who can say no to a denim finish backpack? A versatile laptop bag, the Beatle Pro is made of coated polyester which ensures the bag is durable even with weather changes. This Beatle Pro Laptop Backpack has 2 spacious compartments, a bottle holder on each side, a smart sleeve and 2 pockets in the front, making this for the perfect bag that is functional as well as stunning.  

Intern (Large) Laptop Backpack

If you are someone who feels awkward carrying a backpack to work thinking it doesn’t look professional, the Intern Laptop Backpack is just perfect for you. It’s professional design and elegant finishing will make for a perfect accessory to finish your sleek professional avatar. With 180 degrees opening and space to store clothes, this backpack is perfect for a one-day business trip. 

Explore this large variety of laptop bags online and pick the one that best suits your personality. 

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